Practical AI & ML

Practical AI & ML

Did you know you already have enough data to get Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning working for you? Today. Not in 2030.

What is this?

This 1 week sprint is designed to help you solve concrete business problems that you have today by deploying AI & ML. We believe that you have low-hanging fruit business problems that AI & ML can start to address. Not Star Trek Science Fiction proposals, but practical use cases you can build right now.

Who is this for?

This package is perfect for any company who are open to solving business problems with AI & ML as the motor inside digital solutions.

Why do you need this?

Using AI and ML in a smart way now will put you 5 steps ahead of your competitors if you can solve problems quicker and smarter than they can.

What is the process?

This is a 1 week sprint with Humblebee, our AI & ML expert consultants and representatives from your organisation. Together we will be clear on the business problem we want to solve; we will find the low-hanging fruit; identify the data you have available and start to plan a pilot project.

What do you receive?

A sprint report and concrete recommendations for a pilot project.

How long does this take?

The sprint is time-boxed to 1 week.

Who will be carrying out this sprint?

Our Humblebee service design, tech leads and our AI&ML expert consultants.

What do we need from you?

We require the appropriate stakeholders to attend and to synchronise with us before sprint week to help gather information.

Where do you get started? All good things start with coffee.

We’d love to discuss your ideas and ambitions for digital services, new online business models, digital transformation and everything in between.