Cold Cut Systems


Cold Cut Systems AB is a world-leader in the field of Cutting Extinguishing. We helped them build a new web that communicates Cold Cut Systems concept and showcases their revolutionary product, the Cobra.

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Cold Cut Systems

The Challenge

The challenge lay in finding a way to use the web to create a concept and method awareness for Cold Cut Systems and showcase the Cobra. The Cobra offers safer firefighting, whilst being more effective for teams and cleaner for the environment. The method and the advantages of using the Cobra needed to be displayed, as communication and education is a key factor in promoting the product, as well as using it correctly.

Another focus of the project was to secure a product with up-to date, scalable systems and tools that enables iteration and sets a foundation for further development of upcoming needs.


The process started off with a design sprint, where we assisted Cold Cut Systems in identifying the key needs and defining the challenge. Through an iterative UX and design process, we focused on ways to visually explain the Cobra method and use cases. This resulted in the method page where users can follow a live scenario in which the Cobra is used in real life. The new website is instrumental in demonstrating the versatility and benefits of the Cobra by breaking down the products complexity to an approachable, easy to understand level.

The website is implemented on a scalable, future proof platform adaptable to Cold Cuts future needs.

Cold Cut Systems

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