From factory to customer – The Polestar Handover Portal


By now you probably heard about that "new" EV company Polestar? And maybe you've heard about the many different things Humblebee has helped with? One of them is the Handover Portal.

In an elevator?

The Handover Portal is an order management system that helps the handover centre monitor the cars journey from factory to customer handover.


Throughout Polestars journey Humblebee has helped them with several digital products and teams. From the early days of building their architecture to helping them with the way of working across design teams.


Help the Handover centre with knowing when and what to do to get the car from the factory to the customer without hassle.


A task-driven order management system that helps the Handover centre with performing the needed assignments such as ordering extras, getting the car spotless and last but not least handing over the car.


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