Hive is a student lab at Humblebee

A student driven lab where a multidisciplinary team get to research, prototype and develop digital products with a bunch of talented people. All facilitated within the heart of Humblebee.


How does Hive work?

We are looking for 5 talents that will form our Hive student lab team. The goal is to get a good mix of UX designers, Developers, (digital) Product Designers, Business Designers, Service Designers, Digital Artists, or whatever strong skills you can bring to the team. The Hive team will be responsible for driving a user-centered design process to explore a defined opportunity space together with a partner company and developing a digital service.

Humblebee Team

The typical Hive process steps


Through rapid research (ethnographic techniques as well as wider macro market research) we will understand your users needs and pains. Understanding your customers will hopefully open a gap in the market for us to build in.


Using an array of user journey creation tools and ideation techniques we build prioritised prototypes that are visually ready to test on actual users.


To validate our prototypes as effectively and quickly as possible we test on our sample users and make sure we get the most valuable feedback possible.


Based upon our user testings & findings we are able to pivot and iterate our prototype accordingly. Testing & iterating may take more than one “round”.

Business Case

A business case should be provided simultaneously with our sprint process making sure the idea has concrete financial foundations.


No viable product, but delightful product. We ensure our MVP’s are MDP’s. Pixel sharp and crafted with care.

The 3 pillars of HIVE


Entrepreneurial mindset and curiosity to doing things differently are part of your who you are. You want to become a master in understanding and executing business decisions, and have a mindset of understanding simple unit economics to grasping entire market sizes. You want to learn from your peers in design and tech in order to make a digital product feasible for the product-market fit, not forgetting the user!


You want to become a champion of human-centered design and create intuitive and beautiful experiences. You have a user experience mindset and by using insights from user research you design and present innovative digital solutions. In a very near future, you want to be a master of your craft, be able to ideate, sketch, and prototype over multiple devices.


You have a passion for code and technology. You have an experimenting mindset and it would not surprise us, if you built your own home automation system or hacked your TV. You want continuously learn more, not only about new technologies and code but also about user insights, ideation, and prototyping. You love both, computers and people!

Nina - UX Designer

The last day of my time in the HIVE, we had a big presentation showing off our work and the result. We stood in front of the audience with a product we believed in, we knew our target groups, their pains and their needs, and we had a solution for them. Everything was clear.

We get these questions quite often. What is Hive, what do they do, who’s in team? Do I get any help? I decided to unveil the inner workings and make it easier for you to decide if this could be something for you!

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The application process for fall 2024 is now ongoing.