Polestar HMI

Polestar HMI

Our mission was to give people a sneak-peek of this game-changing HMI (Human Machine Interface) in their mobile phone.

Polestar HMI

Our mission was to give people a sneak-peek of this game-changing HMI (Human Machine Interface) in their mobile phone.

The best in hearing and face protection
Hellberg Safety

Hellberg Safety is dedicated to bringing their users the best in hearing and face protection. As a Swedish company, design and quality is just as essential as the many safety features in their product development.

Gaining insights for a lawyer app

A short 2-week design sprint with Rätt resulted in many valuable insights for improvements to their service.

Mental health care – for women

Meela is a start-up based in Gothenburg on a mission to personalise mental health care for women by matching women to their best therapist and psychotherapy treatment. We had the pleasure of collaborating with Meela in a design sprint focusing on their onboarding process.

Sustainable Urban Last Mile Solutions

Velove help their customers with their last mile needs and sustainability goals. Humblebee are a key partner helping with their fundamental digital services

Wound Support as a service

What if you could have instant access to support for wound-related decision-making considerations along with suggestions for dressing selection and products? That’s the digital service we’ve been working on together with Mölnlycke

Service acceleration at Polestar

How should an ecosystem of modern digital services look at a progressive company? That was the question we received from Polestar.

A service for tradesmen

The Essguide tool helps users develop a complete list of the right amount of building material for their project.

Building a Lab with Volvo Cars
Volvo Cars

Humblebee helped establish the Volvo Cars LABS initiative introducing ways of working, organising experiments and staffing - all based at the Humblebee HQ in Gothenburg.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Healthcare

We built a Corporate Social Responsibility activity service for staff at Mölnlycke. From very rough, high-level idea to finished globally released product in just seven weeks.

Solid Gear Footwear
Solid Gear Footwear

We created a new site for Solid Gear footwear, innovators in safety shoes and part of the Hultafors Group.

An MVP in 5 weeks with Stena Metall
Stena Metall

The problem space we investigated involved the collection of garbage in cities. Our process allowed us to go from initial design sprints to MVP in just 5 weeks.

Surgical Science Cloud Training
Surgical Science Sweden AB

Surgical Science create training simulators for laparoscopy. We helped build a brand new cloud-enabled training experience with state of the art interface UX connected to their incredible immersive VR.

Snickers Workwear
Snickers Workwear

Our challenge was to help users find the right product and size. Snickers Workwear users' needs are complex. Not using the right garment or size could even be a matter of life and death.

A press information app for Polestar

In a breathtakingly short 4 week period, we built an online area for journalists and the automotive press to find out key information on the Polestar 2.

Design Sprints in Shanghai
Volvo Cars APAC

With the support of Humblebee, Volvo Cars Labs in Gothenburg has developed skills in agile and user focused design methods.

Volvo Connect
Volvo Group

Volvo Connect is a portal for truck drivers or fleet managers that connects critical aspects of their business in completely new ways.

Solving the right problem
Climate Saver

Why was the Climate Saver app failing to take the public by storm as expected or desired? It was our goal to find and test changes which could help. Our sprint identified critical challenges to address around the on-boarding of users to the app.


Easycom works with automated returns for e-commerce. We helped them with a MVP solution for large scale returns within the B2B sector. The result was a user friendly flow that also could be used as a customizable white label.

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