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Corona Crisis Canvas

How are you coping? Maybe this canvas kit will help you navigate your Corona reality.

Russell Clark

Russell Clark

How are you coping?

As you read this we’re all working remotely at Humblebee, and like most of the planet, we’re anxious about the future and current uncertainties. We hope you’re coping as well as possible. ❤️

We’ve spoken to lots of people at various companies in the last few weeks. Like them, your company may already be feeling the effects of Corona. So your business challenge is to stabilise as best you can in the face of this pandemic, and hopefully be primed to thrive in its aftermath.

We want to help. Free Canvas + advice.

We’ve been trying to work out how we can help people. Since you’re reading this on our Medium Publication you obviously know a little about Humblebee and how we work.

In normal “non-Corona” mode, we spend our time helping companies create new revenues / cut costs using digital services. Maybe our experience, learnings, and advice is the best assistance we can give.

To help you unpack and understand your current Corona-induced situation

Daniel Sköld and I put together a really simple canvas + process to help. We’re also here to offer free advice or consultation. Please feel free to reach out. 🙂

1. Download our canvas

If your focus right now is survival then we feel for you, and we want to help. We’ve made a simple canvas to get you moving, prioritising and taking concrete actions. These actions may include finding new services. Designing new services is a case of joining dots, the problem often being that not all dots are obvious. Hopefully our canvas will help.

Email me directly at to get the canvas. Obviously your email won’t be saved. Or just download at this link:

2. Free Consultation

Maybe we can help. We’d certainly love to try, and advice costs nothing. DM or call me, we can talk about your biggest worries at the moment and maybe together we’ll find something you’ve not yet thought of? In practical terms that could be helping you build new services, mobile apps, websites, ordering systems, workflows, automations and much more in hours, rather than months. The speed of your actions at the moment is critical.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Russell Clark
t. +46 (0)734 359 741

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Russell Clark

Business Director

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