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Design digest #02

VR for education — Future of web design — Robotic kitchen — Survey of Young People — Mary Meeker Trends

Oday Mashalla

Oday Mashalla

VR for education — Future of web design — Robotic kitchen — Survey of Young People — Mary Meeker Trends

Sharing is caring🐝! A curated collection of this weeks most interesting stuff. Kickback and enjoy the things the Humblebee Design Team usually only share with each other… I’ll try to get this out once a week, but don’t quote me on that🖖🏽.

VR enables immersive experience in education.

We think VR and AR is an exciting technology that can deliver huge experience layer on top of products. Education is using VR to keep students interested in a subject they’re studying. Of course, Google is in the game making that possible with Google Expeditions. Google Expeditions allows students to get in the center of 360-degree photos and 3D scenes with historical importance. This gives amazing experience for kids to explore nearly 600 available tours on their own.

Maybe this is the future of web design

There is lot of services out-there trying to disrupt the way we build webpages. Latest addition to the list is an app called Universe. It helps you build an endlessly customizable site in just a few minutes, all from your phone without using any computer. It’s basically a interface for building things on the internet with out coding. Most people don’t want to code, don’t have the ability to code, but they’re very much interested in building webpages, stuff for experimentation or even high fidelity prototypes. It free to try out.

The world’s first completely robotic kitchen

How cool is that! This I want :-). Spyce, a new fast-casual restaurant in Boston, features the world’s first completely robotic kitchen. Created by engineering students from MIT and collaboration with Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud. The automated experience starts with the first click on the ordering kiosk. Check out the video

2018 Survey of Young People and Social Change

This is a good survey that gives you a better picture and understanding of next generation (Millennials. By 2020 they will be the largest group of consumers worldwide, making up 40% of the US, Europe, and the BRIC countries and 10 % of the rest of the world. This is why its time to understand this generation without the cliché of that they are lazy, self-centered and glued to smartphones.

Mary Meeker famous Internet Trends report is here

if you haven’t heard of Mary Meeker or her super famous trend report. It’s time that you add her to follow list. I will not go deep into what this amazing woman has accomplished, just check the link. Last week she released her yearly famous trend rapport. It covers everything from mobile to commerce to the competition between tech giants. Check out the full report below.

*Link no longer available

How was that? Share your love and thoughts with me. See you next week with more interesting stuff 🙌.

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