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Design digest #04

Fluid interface —CX podcast —Snap Kit your products — Learning to see— Happy Midsummer!(Midsummer for dummies)

Oday Mashalla

Oday Mashalla

Fluid interface —CX podcast —Snap Kit your products —
Learning to see— Happy Midsummer!(Midsummer for dummies)

Sharing is caring🐝! A curated collection of this week’s most exciting stuff. Kickback and enjoy the things the Humblebee Team usually only share with each other. I’ll try to get this out once a week, but don’t quote me on that🖖🏽.

Fluid Interfaces

Have you ever wondered why Apple design is so fluid? How do they design those lovely interactions that you have in your iPhone? Watch this video from WWDC 2018 about the work Apple puts on their interface to give us that amazing feeling on touch and interaction.

CX Podcast

Do you consider User Experience Design(UX) and Customer Experience(CX) part of your product development workflow? I recommend you to check out Forrester research’s podcast. They have an extensive amount of information on trends and best practices as well as approaches to CX for companies of different sizes.

Snap Kit your products

Snap Kit lets you integrate some of Snapchat’s best features across your products and allows your customers to share their favourite moments from your app with friends and Snapchatters. That opens up a fantastic opportunity for businesses that want to attract Snapchat users (100 million daily users) to use your app more frequently with Snapchat’s best features.

Learning to see

Watch Dr Ali Eslami explains DeepMind’s Latest AI — a Machine that thinks more like us. That is hugely fascinating… and scary at the same time!

Happy Midsummer!

If you don´t know what Midsummer Eve is and what it means to us here in Sweden take a look at this Midsummer video for Dummies.

Hope you enjoyed these tips, and I hope you’re enjoying the weekly digest! Share your love and thoughts with me, let me know what you think. See you next week with more interesting stuff 🙌.

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Oday Mashalla

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