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Design digest #05

Paradise with AR — Great designer spots problem— AI and Dota 2 — Conversation book—

Oday Mashalla

Oday Mashalla

Paradise with AR — Great designer spots problem— AI and Dota 2 —
Conversation book—

Sharing is caring🐝! A curated collection of this week’s most exciting stuff. Kickback and enjoy the things the Humblebee Team usually only share with each other. I’ll try to get this out once a week, but don’t quote me on that🖖🏽.

Portal to Paradise with AR

Marriott is a good use case for augmented reality. With the app you can ‘walk’ through the rooms as a tool to enable better experience. Maybe this will kill travel sites slideshows like the one you can find at A slideshow with 34 images could be replaced with one AR experience.

Great designer spots problem

In this Ted Talk from 2015 with Tony Fadell the guy behind the Nest Thermostat and the iPod, he shares with us what helps him stay curious. Today’s designer should not purely solve problems, they should be a better observer of the world around them and spot problems. This skill is crucial.

Video: The first secret of great design

AI kicks human butt in Dota 2

This is fascinating to read about how AI algorithms worked together to crush humans in a complex video game.

A book we love

Conversational design is a hot topic. This latest book from the ‘A Book Apart’ range is a great weekend read about how we make digital systems feel less robotic and more real? No fluff nor buzzwords just a good read.

Hope you enjoyed these tips, and I hope you’re enjoying the weekly digest! Share your love and thoughts with me, let me know what you think. See you next week with more interesting stuff 🙌.

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