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Design digest #06

Baidu Create 2018 — AI democratize healthcare— React native at Airbnb — Experience design matters

Oday Mashalla

Oday Mashalla

Baidu Create 2018 — AI democratize healthcare— React native at Airbnb — Experience design matters

Sharing is caring🐝! A curated collection of this week’s most exciting stuff. Kickback and enjoy the things the Humblebee Team usually only share with each other. I’ll try to get this out once a week, but don’t quote me on that🖖🏽.

Baidu Create 2018: AI Developers Conference for the Future

On our side of the planet we’re constantly focusing on Google and Apple when it comes to the future of merging technology. Baidu Create 2018 started on Tuesday and it brings us some interesting development that is happening at this Chinese tech giant, like AI chips, the first autonomous bus, Baidu Brain 3.0 and Smart mini-programs.

On their site there is a recorded live stream and there is a good summary on China “Youtube”.

Health’s bot — democratic access for help

Babylon Health’s bot aims to save time and money for patients while providing easy and on-demand access to medical assistance.
Babylon Health claims that AI can diagnose illness as well as or better than practicing doctors. When the bot was given the same General Practitioner exam as doctors, its score was 5% higher than the 5-year average.

“The World Health Organization estimates that there is a shortage of over 5 million doctors globally, leaving more than half the world’s population without access to even the most basic healthcare services.”

This is maybe the path to democratize access for a doctor assistenten with AI.

React Native at Airbnb

Airbnb shares their experience with React Native. About two years ago the team at Airbnb decided to evaluate and start building services with React Native. The decision behind this was mainly that they didn’t have enough mobile engineers to reach their goals and they need to be fast within improving the experience of using Airbnb for guests and hosts, move quickly, and maintain a great developer experience.

Experience design matters more than ever before

Homogeny design principles are killing experience design. Being unconventional makes experiences feel brand new. This is a good study and article about understanding experience design.

Hope you enjoyed these tips, and I hope you’re enjoying the weekly digest! Share your love and thoughts with me, let me know what you think. See you next week with more interesting stuff 🙌.

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Oday Mashalla

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