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Design Digest #07

There is more than Silicon valley — Motivation service — Human + machine mindset — Future of Artificial Intelligence is in China

Oday Mashalla

Oday Mashalla

There is more than Silicon valley — Motivation service — Human + machine mindset — Future of Artificial Intelligence is in China

Sharing is caring🐝! A curated collection of this week’s most exciting stuff. Kickback and enjoy the things the Humblebee Team usually only share with each other. I’ll try to get this out once a week, but don’t quote me on that🖖🏽.

There is more than Silicon valley

The startup world is changing at a rapid speed. A shift in innovation and high-tech startups is not happening in Silicon Valley. After a quick trip over to China with Humblebee, we got a fresh perspective on how business scales, and the process of having to go to market with a product. The Chinese mindset is speed, get it out to customers fast. Investment is not an issue :-) and they have the power of demographics. China’s population is currently 1.4B people. While a portion of that population still lives in the rural areas of China this is a population more than 4x bigger than the United States. For startups it means that: China has 160 cities with more than 1 million residents. The United States only has 10.

Motivation is hard, but this might help you!

Motivate yourself to achieve your goals! What? Another motivation service? I think I have tried like a dozen apps or services to help achieve goals. But maybe this time is different. I’m already in love with the product design, reminds me of the good old days, maybe they had me in mind as user persona when they designed the service. 40-plus folks like pixel graphics. :)

It’s time to have fun when you get shit done (I have this sticker on my Macbook)!

Human + Machine mindset

We need to stop thinking of machines as rivals, says Ben Jones, Google’s global creative director. Instead, we should see them as an opportunity to take our creativity to the next level.

Future of Artificial Intelligence is in China

There is lots of debate about the AI boom in China and the future potential of it. But China wants to be a $150 billion world leader in AI in less than 15 years. That we can’t overlook. There are a dozen companies we think are interesting to follow. But one is SenseTime — they are at the forefront of China’s artificial intelligence (AI) boom. Founded in Hong Kong, the company has hundreds of customers from around the world and counts on investors like US chip designer Qualcomm and Chinese real estate developer Dalian Wanda. Latest investor is from giant Alibaba led a $600 million investment round into SenseTime, taking the AI firm’s valuation to about $3 billion.

Shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence in China

Hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope you’re enjoying the weekly digest! Share your love and thoughts with me, let me know what you think. See you next week with more interesting stuff 🙌.

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