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Everything you once knew about customer experience and marketing has changed forever.

We are in the era of high-demand for tailored customer experiences and its not about personal, it’s about relevant and quick regardless of the customer context. it’s about Convenience Experience.

Oday Mashalla
Oday Mashalla
May 22, 2018
Everything you once knew about customer experience and marketing has changed forever.

We are in the era of high-demand for tailored customer experiences and its not about personal, it’s about relevant and quick regardless of the customer context. it’s about Convenience Experience. According to research done by PWC in 2018, they found that 69% of 350 global retail planned to increase their investment in “technologies to improve customer experience”. That might sound like they are responding to the signals, but the big question is: are they investing in the right thing? Are they looking ahead of the paradigm shift that’s happening to customer experience.

We need to become responsive to consumers needs before they even think of them, since consumers today are “always connected” and we expect business to be “always relevant” to us and our needs. We don’t have time to wait in line to speak to someone, we Google it or even ask Siri for help. if we have questions we expect instant responses or we turn our question to your competitor or even outside your channel. That is a norm today.

Brands across industries, from finance to retail and manufacturing, are finding ways to improve customer experience by incorporating AI chatbots, and this technology is gradually transforming the relationship between brands and customer to become more responsive to the needs.

Here are some great examples on how AI technology can make a huge impact on your Brand och customer experience.

Eight out of 10 businesses have already implemented or are planning to adopt AI as a customer service solution by 2020 – Oracle

It’s not a thing!


AI as your best friend

ebay´s chatbot is the most advanced and most used within ecommerce (at the time of this article being published :-). It is built for the Google Assistant and Messenger, which means that you can use it both with Google Home or on your Phone with Facebook Messenger. You might be wondering what it can do… *Basically it everything you want it to be. Your assistant, your deal-hunter, your trend-buddy… she might even get to know you and recommend products based on your interests! The more you chat the more it will know and understand you. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up with a new BFF? :)

You can basically get her to help you with anything. It’s impressive, especially if you consider the scale of ebay.

ebay shopbot

AI to lift social media sales

Fashion brand turned to, an artificial intelligence (AI). It boosted Natori´s online conversions by 24% in a single month and resulted in a 76% surge in social media revenue in six months. That is a hugely impressive and tangible result from an AI injection.


Investment in AI will increase more than 300% this year — Forrester

AI to onboard new customers

Digital insurance provider Lemonade uses a virtual assistant to help onboard new customers and process insurance claims quicker. All of Lemonade’s processes are digital, and most are automated using artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots . This leads to a performance that is, at times, significantly faster than competitors deliver: About a third of Lemonade’s claims are paid within 3 seconds of being filed. 3 seconds. You read that correctly. The AI tracks large amounts of user-generated data points to predict what customers need, making the process of filing an insurance claim easier.

AI bots will power 85% of customer service interactions by 2020 — Gartner

AI to Supercharge human experience

HealthJoy uses AI chat interfaces to make healthcare a more human experience. Joy, the name of AI chatbot. She helps engage customers to make smarter healthcare decisions at rates that are up to 5X higher than the industry average.

chatbot predictions

AI to support you

The eldercare segment is a good example where support-bots are helping seniors stay mentally sharp and socially engaged. One example is ELLI Q. It’s proactive Artificial Intelligence driven social robot.

AI in real-time service

About a year ago one of the first brands to launch chatbots on Messenger was KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Maybe you think this was a bold move by KLM to adapt this new technology. But for me it’s about being proactive to front-facing tech and also a necessary first step in meeting rapidly changing customer expectations.

1.4 Million Customer Queries Versus 1 Chatbot

Bluebot is AI-powered Messenger chatbot that helps you with creating booking process that goes above and beyond that enables customers to book their tickets without needing to talk to one of the agents, unless necessary. The chatbot also gives KLM passengers advice on what to pack based on their destination, trip duration and local weather. Next time you book with KLM you should try this out. Bluebot for messenger

AI is the New Black

Artificial intelligence is a reality today. It’s actively improving business and strategies. We are in the beginning of what will disrupt our way of using voice and communication in our smart environment. A new set of AI tools that will soon be released will change the experience and the way people consume. Perhaps the biggest shift away from smartphone. Super exciting times ahead, just look at what Google is doing with Google Lens and Google Assistant…

Way forward

As the use of AI expands it will have a huge impact on products and services. Customer experiences is shifting to an ecosystem of experiences where the customers have more control.

Todays organizations (across a wide range of industries) are increasingly adopting AI into their business, especially within customer service relations.

At we are helping various industries continue to find new and better implementations for AI to improve services, products and the customer experience. Give us a shout if you want to start exploring what opportunity there is in your horizon.

I hope you enjoyed the read. I kept this article as short as possible and feel free to comment, ask a question or leave your own opinion. If you enjoyed this article please hit the “Recommend” button.

Thank you for reading.

Oday Mashalla
Written by
Oday Mashalla
Everything you once knew about customer experience and marketing has changed forever.

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