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We go from idea to digital product at rocket speed

If you want to build digital products fast & get to market quicker with products that have a higher chance of success you need to hear about the Humblebee Core Platform.

Russell Clark

Russell Clark

If you want to build digital products fast & get to market quicker with products that have a higher chance of success you need to hear about the Humblebee Core Platform.

Too busy to read the whole article? Here’s the critical info:

The Humblebee Core Platform, what’s in it for you?

  • Build digital products / services quicker.
  • Get near-production grade products in the time that any other agency will take just to start sketching their ideas on paper.
  • Get your ideas to market as soon as possible.
  • You’ll get a Progressive Web Application. That means a future-proofed (channel independent) product.

What does this Core Platform do?

The Humblebee Core Platform was born out of the need… the need for speed! The need you have to quickly build digital products and services. You don’t have that need you say? Think again! The platform supports our design thinking processes by enabling us to set up a new project skeleton in 1–2 minutes. We don’t start on paper. We start building and iterate. I like to describe this as “building at the speed of sprint”. By this I mean as we sprint (that just means finding service ideas, testing them on our desired users, validating the business model behind it etc etc etc) we are developing the code almost simultaneously. I’m not easily impressed, but this Platform impresses me greatly…

Tangible prototypes — much quicker

You have something to gain by being more digital. You’re already aware of this. You could reel off 10 ideas that could improve your processes from sales core to manufacturing to brand new revenue ideas. You are sitting on data that you have a “hunch” could be monetised. You perhaps see other competitors moving faster than you; you may even be acutely aware of threats to your company or industry from external threats out of your control.

The challenge you have is getting these ideas to market. A classic IT consultancy will want to rack up their hours worked before you reach your goal. A classic consultancy company will want you to buy an expensive strategy (document in ppt) before they kick off. They may not even kick off at all! They might just explain the rules of the game and then leave you on your lonesome.

You’re happy with your hardware…

The people who need to digitise something often don’t need hardware help. They are the domain experts of hardware — (looking at you manufacturing, industry players specifically). They need something else… they want to do something with existing data, or human-input data.

Our Humblebee Core Platform brings the tools you need to life faster.

The complimentary digtial products/services to the hardware providers should be as prestigious, and held in as high esteem, as the hardware services you’ve built for the last 20, 50, 100 years.

Still reading? Not asleep? OK, here’s more details about the Core Platform:

1. It’s like Wikipedia or Amazon!

We like to compare our shiny new Core Platform to Wikipedia. It constantly improves. For every new product we build, the intellectual property of the platform increases. Each new product is better than the last. Amazon happen to update their products every 27 seconds, making near constant improvements. We’re not that fast, but our Core Platform does become smarter and speedier after every single product we build.

The Core Platform is constantly updated and it’s developer centric. Anyone can get up and running with the top of the line code. This means building digital products from scratch gets easier and smarter for each new project. It also means our developers have more freedom to find more added value functionality (you’ll love) for each new product.

Instead of building from scratch every time we remove the possibility of things blowing up or breaking. For you and your business this is an incredible advantage.

The Core Platform is so strong, sturdy and secure as a landing pad — there is no chance of a security breach on the product we build you.

2. It builds your revenue and productivity, not vanity improvements

If you’re truly interested in industry 4.0 then our platform can help you focus on building tools that will increase revenue, productivity or build on your core platforms (hardware) to find new valuable solutions.

If you want applications in a very short time period (complete front and back-end) tested and validated on the people you want to offer them to then you should speak to us. We can help give you real experience of building applications that take you beyond your core business but remaining true to your core offering.

3. Why our Humblebee developers love it

Replacing the low-end development and diminished regular frond-end tasks (in other words menial tasks are taken care of) with higher end engineering means improving the skillset and ambition level of our existing staff all the time.

For every product we make any patterns etc that appear are fed back IN to the Core Platform, creating a body of knowledge getting smarter all the time.

4. What do we mean by an app? What’s the end product?

The end product is a digital product / service as a PWA — Progressive Web Application. An app-like web based experience, seamlessly integrated functions that look and feel like an app.

Many companies think an application is expensive and building websites is cheap. Your products will not be locked into an App Store. You can engineer something as complicated as an app, cherry pick the best functions from an app, whilst retaining the speed and accessibility of web materials.

So what now?

Did you have an idea this morning? Have you semi-validated your idea? Are you an expert in your domain convinced you have an idea worth investigating further… you feel people you know (your clients, your customers) need this idea of yours? Then our infrastructure is set up for you to get that idea built in a very short time. Tested, validated and almost production grade prototype quality — quickly.

That means the product will be in the hands of your customers, creating value for them, as soon as possible… and before your competition offers them an alternative.

// Russell Clark is a Product Manager and partner at Humblebee — a digital product agency in Gothenburg, Sweden. //

Russell Clark
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Russell Clark

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