Building a Lab with Volvo Cars


Humblebee helped establish the Volvo Cars LABS initiative introducing ways of working, organising experiments and staffing - all based at the Humblebee HQ in Gothenburg.

Volvo Cars Labs


Volvo Cars are keen to experiment around problem spaces and big issues affecting society as a whole. How can Volvo be relevant in these spaces and around the shifts that affect human behaviour now and in the near (and not-so-near) future is the focus.

Volvo Cars Labs


The Lab Team was initially made up of several staff from Humblebee, Volvo Cars and a few selected consultants. From one small room at Kvarnbergsgatan the Volvo Lab then evolved into a few large rooms at Kvarnbergsgatan and has now expanded further still. The process of the lab involves rapid experimenting of products & services with selected partners and technologies.

This results in:
• Validated experiments
• Roadmaps for next-step actions

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