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How should an ecosystem of modern digital services look at a progressive company? That was the question we received from Polestar.

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In an elevator?

Then here’s an elevator pitch: In the space of a few short months we helped plan, prototype their entire digital architecture, staff-up and roll out digital services for the launch of the Polestar automobile.


The boundary-breaking Polestar was approaching launch, and the demands and expectations of a digital-native generation for services needed addressed.


Polestar asked us to create an architectural prototype intended to showcase a modern, scalable, global and operationally light platform.


The prototype we delivered was enough to convince Polestar to work with us. The Polestar ecosystem leverages Amazon Web Services, a serverless approach and is naturally cloud-native. The development team works closely with the international design team thanks to a set of processes ensuring rapid iteration, a unified approach to visuals and a component pipeline.


We were instrumental in setting up the core platform, its features and ways-of-working, and ensuring continuous developer and stakeholder onboarding. Beyond the initial January 2020 release, which was already very tight, we have scaled to more than 15 individual teams where most of them work on separate new services, products, or offerings, all according to the tenets and baseline we helped form.

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