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How we at Humblebee keep everything up and running in these uncertain times.

If you’re reading this article (as published in the 3rd week of March 2020) you’ll agree that it’s definitely not “business as usual”. A…

Pontus Brenner

Pontus Brenner

If you’re reading this article (as published in the 3rd week of March 2020) you’ll agree that it’s definitely not “business as usual”. A global pandemic has plunged the world into a degree of uncertainty. But we at Humblebee try to keep things as normal as possible with the help of innovative ways of working. That includes internally with our co-workers and with our clients.

I’ve listed below some of the tools we use to make the days at our kitchen table offices go by as easily, and effectively, as possible, maybe they’ll be of use to you.


Online communication at its best, with everything an organisation needs to keep talking to each other. A real email killer, and effectivity-booster when used correctly. Use internally, or with your clients / partners to synchronise and effectivize.

Visit slack here:

Google Meet

Free online meetings from our friends at Google. When there’s a client involved, this is gold.

Try Google meet here:


Project management in one place. Visible and editable for everyone in the team, including the client.

Give Trello a go here:


Collaborative online live design tool. No files on your hard drive/Dropbox/OneDrive. Accessible for everyone in your team and clients. Communicate with notes and work together. We use it all the way from the design thinking process with rapid prototyping to building complex design systems with component libraries.

Sign up for Figma here:


The perfect tool for online workshops and brainstorming. Do you love the touch of your beloved post-its? Fear not. Mural is the place to go to for online sprinting and so much more.

Start working with Mural here:

We hope the above services works as great for you as it does for us. And in the words of Douglas Adams: “Don’t panic”.

Now let’s go out and buy lunch and a coffee!

My name is Pontus Brenner and I work as a Product Designer at the digital studio Humblebee. There me and my colleague work with brands such as Polestar, Stena Recycling and Hultafors Group.

Find out more about how we at Humblebee work at

Pontus Brenner

Written by

Pontus Brenner

Product Designer

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