A Glimpse of Humblebee

A short presentation of what we do and how we can help. 10 minutes maximum, I promise. :)

UI/UX Collage

In a world of new challenges, we’re the catalyst companies need.

We meet many people facing similar challenges, asking similar questions. They all strive to navigate their business into the near future in a rapidly changing tech and societal landscape.


What we hear

  • How do we start or boost our digital transformation?
  • We don’t have the capacity to embrace technology as we should.
  • We don’t have the skills in-house.
  • We can’t attract and hire the competences we need quick enough.
  • Our competition is moving faster, what can we do?
  • Where should we focus first as priority?
  • How do we handle disruption in our market?
  • How can we create new services and revenue streams?
Humblebee Employee

We help address these challenges.

Humblebee Employee

Are you ready to make a big impact on your market? Our journeys over several months can transform your business and introduce a digital service suite to your organisation to outpace competitors.

Humblebee Office

We run fast track packages to help you start to face your most pressing challenges in a low-risk manner. A short project will bring you results, and give you a taste of working with Humblebee.

Humblebee Team

Meet The Bees

Humblebee Employee

Our team of over 50 people based in Gothenburg, Sweden

Our multi-disciplinary teams are always staffed to ensure we cover business, user and technology aspects of the products & services we work with.

All employees at Humblebee have been carefully recruited. They aspire to work differently, more effectively, and withhold the unique Humblebee ways of working that justify our mantra and truly deliver "What's Needed".

Humblebee Office


Tove Bäcker, CEO
Daniel Sköld, Deputy CEO/UX Director
Oday Mashalla, Design Director
Johan Uddståhl, Technical Director
Russell Clark, Business Director

Humblebee Leadership


HIVE is our unique student lab. A twice yearly initiative made up of international students. A small multi-disciplinary team of 5-7 students are tasked with finding, validating and building a digital service around a problem space.

Previous HIVE alumni have wrestled with problem spaces such as smart cities, real estate modernisation, sustainable gig economies and more.

Humblebee Office

Work samples


Creating a digital ecosystem for Polestar

We have been an integral part of supporting Polestar launch their digital ecosystem. From helping map out their digital micro-service architecture to expert consultancy in the fields of technical development, service and product design. We have scaled to more than 15 individual teams where most work on separate new services or products.

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Lab building with Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars are keen to experiment around problem spaces and big issues affecting society as a whole. The LABS initiative was launched together with key members of Humblebee, Volvo Cars and selected consultants in a multi-disciplinary team environment.

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Volvo Cars

Connecting Volvo Trucks

Volvo Connect’s aim is to keep customers at the forefront of digital and be a long-term solution. Tools included in the portal range from transport management and maintenance planning to administration and legal compliance in one digital interface.

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Volvo Connect

Service Acceleration at Stena Recycling

We help build next-generation digital services for Stena Recycling and their customers. This work involves working with Stena staff in collaborative multi-disciplinary product teams and helping them embrace lean processes, MVP (minimum viable product) creation and other best-practice methods of digital service creation.

Stena Recycling

Making Healthcare digital for Mölnlycke

We work with Mölnlycke Health Care to create both internal tools and professional applications for iOS and Android. Operating in highly regulated sectors like healthcare requires extra diligence and process assurance. Humblebee have invested in our in-house intellectual property to best serve our healthcare clients.


In a Nutshell

Healthy client base

Client base of Swedish brands with an international outlook.


We have a strong brand and good market position.

Key personnel in place

Senior key personnel in core competence roles are in place.

Ways of working

Streamlined processes and playbooks for identifying and building digital services.

Outstanding Team

High calibre staff with experience and knowledge of multiple industries.

Strong Management

A dedicated management team of five individuals.

Cutting edge tech stack

Tailor-made tech platforms that enable us to deploy high quality digital services at speed.

HIVE Student Lab

Internationally renowned twice-annual student lab called HIVE attracts high calibre students from several disciplines.

Thanks for listening

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