After a 90 Day Innovation Sprint you have concepts that are ready to incubate. This is just a fancy way of saying bring your new business model to life.


f you went through the 90 Day Innovation with us then we're sitting on at least one validated concept of a new business model that's ready to incubate. Incubate is just a fancy word for bringing to life.

Why you need this

To get your new business model / service to market you need to put it through an incubation period. This involves building and iterating your product whilst testing with customers and pushing towards a launch.

Why now?

Creating a spin-out or simply a corporate venture / service that's brand new is a vital way of guarding against creeping threats from competitors; as well as a way of 'disrupting' yourself and generating brand new revenue streams.

Who is this for?

Incubating a service is primarily for people who have worked through the 90 Day Innovation together with Humblebee.

What are the business benefits?

New revenue sources you had no idea existed.

What is the process?

  • We will define and roadmap the MDP (Minimum Desirable Product) in detail.
  • We will help with your organisational setup to manage the venture.
  • Build an MDP and iterate with user testing.
  • Help you plan your Go To Market strategy.
  • Advise with your staffing of new venture.
  • Roll out a soft launch.

How long does this take?

We estimate this process to 24 weeks, but can fluctuate depending on technical complexity or unforeseen organisational challenges.

Who will be carrying this out?

A dedicated team of high-calibre Humblebee staff together with domain experts from your organisation. From Humblebee we provide experts within venture business design, service and user experience design, plus technical expertise. Domain knowledge and branch expertise comes from your organisation and other selected stakeholders.

What do we need from you?

We need your venture owner - perhaps a Product Owner or Innovation Manager - fully onboard and engaged over the entire process. Your venture owner should be responsible for making our process as smooth as possible and allowing us to do our job - build you a great digital business.

What happens after Incubation?

After incubation you will have launched an MDP. Most likely a smaller launch to selected vertical(s). After a launch it's time to commercialise your operation and scale with marketing, operations, further GTM and more.



24 Weeks
Service Launch

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