Life Science Service Excellence

The difference between success and failure of your life science, healthcare or medtech product can come down to your user’s digital experience‍

Life Science Service Excellence

If you’re working on a life science project that involves SaMD (Software as a Medical Device) or any software, don’t leave user experience as an afterthought, it’s going to be the differentiator when your product ends up in people’s hands.

The goal of the Life Science Service Excellence package

To help you push the best possible life science or healthcare digital service(s) to market and give you advantages over your nearest competitors.

Who is this for?

We put together this package to help the amazing life science, health and medtech companies here in West Sweden. The category has burgeoned here in West Sweden, and a strategic aim for Humblebee is to help ensure this growth continues.

We can work with

  • Early stage (circa Seed A) life science or healthcare start-ups.
  • Life science, healthcare or medtech companies at early stage of their software development.
  • Medium > Large life science / healthcare companies with a SaMD project which must perform well

What is the process?

  1. Firstly an onboarding workshop to learn about your ambitions and see if we match as partners. This will take around 3 hours.
  2. Keynote Presentation for you and your team. (Optional). We’d be happy to carry out a short presentation + Q&A with your team to hopefully inspire and talk a little about User Experience, Customer Experience and best possible service creation.
  3. If we’re all still friends after onboarding 😊 then we will workshop with you to map out and understand your users (patients, carers or healthcare professionals) and document pain points. This is a useful blueprint to always refer to.
  4. We then mobilise your tailor-made Humblebee Product Team of multi-disciplinary resources (UX, design, tech, business design).

    This team is dedicated to getting your services to market with top functionality, usability and desirability. In other words a service people need, and will love using.

Why Humblebee + Life Science?

Life science and healthcare is one of Gothenburg’s fastest-growing areas. Humblebee have enjoyed working with various projects in these sectors, from established life science and healthcare corporations to smaller early-seed ventures. We’ve been able to refine our ways-of-working to meet the expectations of this sector.

We’ve assembled competencies at Humblebee who are knowledgeable about the obstacles and processes in your sector. We have worked with non-medical devices, medical training simulators, wound care applications, patient educational services and more.

Also, timing is everything…

  • The global digital health market is expected to reach 221 billion USD by 2026.
  • The global digital health market is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14.8% towards 2026.

The fact this market is exploding is not news to you. If you’re reading this, you’re likely involved in a health tech project yourself.

We believe the time is right to help our local ambitious companies within 'New Health' to create the best possible digital services, and hopefully contribute to the betterment of the entire sector in West Sweden.


What are the business benefits?

  • See results in weeks, not months, by working with a ‘complete’ multi-skilled Product Team.
  • Recruiting and training a full digital service team is difficult and time consuming. You can do this after the service is launched, rolling and profitable.
  • Not taking UX and CX seriously from Day 1 in the creation of online healthcare tools is hugely irresponsible.

Our experience within life science and healthcare

Our team have worked with user experience and technical development for a variety of life science and healthcare clients over many years. Our learnings from medical software projects concerning requirements, best practices and routines specific to healthcare make us a valuable partner.


Who will be carrying this out?

A dedicated team of high-calibre Humblebee staff together with domain experts from your organisation. We provide experts within business design, service and user experience design, plus technical expertise. Domain knowledge and branch expertise comes from your organisation and other selected stakeholders.

What do we need from you?

We assume that you have a mandate for the launch of successful life science or healthcare service. Perhaps you're a CEO at a start-up, or a Product Owner or even Innovation Manager at a larger organisation. Above all else it's important that you are fully engaged over the entire process. Humblebee perform best when we are your extended team, at your disposal, and to perform to our best ability you will bring your domain expertise and help create the right circumstances to allow us to build you an outstanding digital service.

Ready for a first chat or a guest speaker?

If you’re interested in a first chat, or perhaps to have us come and present a (hopefully interesting and inspirational!) keynote for you and your team then please reach out. We can't wait to meet you.



Life Science Service Excellence
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