Service Acceleration

Be amongst a select group of organisations to revolutionise their digital architecture and create seamless, modern services prepared for the future.

Service Acceleration

Service Acceleration by Humblebee is an opportunity for your organisation to cut digital costs and built a modern cloud-native architecture, opening up the possibilities for micro-services your customers and staff will love and use. The services themselves will of course be loved, and desired by your customers and users.

Why do you need this?

New digital-native companies have the luxury of being able to build, from scratch, a modern architecture that scales. This means lowest possible start-up costs and pay-for-use services. Your organisation may not have started with this luxury, but we can take you there.

Free white paper on Servitization

If you want to read a little more on 'servitization', which is defined as “the transformational process of shifting form a product-centric business model and logic to service-centric approach” then check out our free white paper by clicking here.

Why now?

If any of the points below sound familiar, Service Acceleration may be in order:

  • You have inherited an IT infrastructure that feels limited and laborious.
  • Your monthly running costs for IT and digital services is substantial.
  • You feel overwhelmed and trapped with technical debt, missing out on new ways to innovate.
  • Your infrastructure is holding you back from building the modern digital services your customers need and demand.
  • You have problems overseeing your organisation’s IT infrastructure.
  • Your infrastructure does not scale.

Who is this for?

A Service Acceleration Journey together with Humblebee is suited to C-Level staff with a clear commitment and mandate with senior management.

What are the business benefits?

Our process cuts costs and future-proofs your company.

  1. Cloud-native architecture is pay-per-use only. You will only pay for actual use.
  2. Headless external services.
  3. Global availability, superb performance and high security.
  4. Mindset across your company will change through training and facilitation.
  5. Internal tools developed specifically for you.
  6. Create industry-leading service applications to rapidly create best-practice web applications for your business.

What is the process?

Service Acceleration is a process that combines mainly our expert technical architects with our service designers and brings a year of dramatic change to your organisation.

  • We will help take inventory of your existing service / digital situation.
  • We will prioritise and give concrete recommendations for the year ahead.
  • We will assign you a high-calibre Service Acceleration Team.
  • We will implement a modern architecture that scales.
  • We will provide the tools and suggest the internal skillsets you need to make this journey.

How long does this take?

We estimate the Service Acceleration Journey as a 12 month process.

Who will be carrying this out?

A dedicated team of high-calibre Humblebee staff including experts within business design, service and user experience design, and technical expertise.

What do we need from you?

The Service Acceleration Journey is a large undertaking and must come with the full commitment of your most senior staff. We need full buy-in to ensure both strategical and tactical recommendations are deployed.



Service Acceleration
12 Months
New Digital Architecture