Pilot as a service

Imagine you could pilot a new service on a distinct group of customers without huge investment and with low risk? Well now you can with our pilot-as-a-service journey.

Pilot as a service

Pilot-as-a-service is our way of helping you pilot a new potential service on a distinct and defined group. This could 50 of your most vital customers or clients. It could be a specific vertical or demographic you have never addressed before. Our job is to validate a new service and provide you enough data to let you say "go or no go" to the next stage.

Why do you need this?

Testing new services is vital. The ability to launch a new service is the most effective weapon at your organisation, but it is most likely not being utilised. Pilot-as-a-service is low risk for you, because it can be completely decoupled from your mother brand. It is also a reasonably low investment in exchange for data that could lead to a game-changing new service for your organisation. If you don’t know how to find customers for a pilot we’ll help you find the right type.

Why now?

If any of the points below strike a chord, then pilot-as-service could be an exciting option for you:

  • You have a LOT of ideas for new services and business models.
  • You just can't seem to execute on your ideas due to time constraints; lack of skills at your organisation; or other very good reasons.
  • You are keen to address and target a new demographic previously uncatered for by your company.
  • You feel overwhelmed and trapped with technical debt, you feel you're missing out on new ways to innovate.

Who is this for?

Pilot-as-a-service is a good alternative for innovation managers; R&D teams; product owners with limited capacity.

What are the business benefits?

Pilot-as-a-service helps you validate new service(s) to specific groups in a short timeframe and gather valuable data and insights.

  • Our team can deliver this process in just 3 months, meaning you can present impressive findings to your stakeholders.
  • We’ll help you design your pilot to maximize learnings and get actionable insights that you can use in the further development of the service.
  • The cost of hiring Humblebee is likely less than finding, training and utilising your own staff.
  • The data and insights gathered in our pilot schemes can be the basis for potential new corporate ventures, services and revenue streams.

What is the process?

Our team will be tailor-made to suit your organisation and industry, and we will:

  • Help take inventory of your existing service / digital situation.
  • We will help you identify which of your existing ideas to pilot.
  • If you have no existing ideas, we will ideate with you.
  • We will launch a Pilot Product to a clearly defined demographic of your choice.
  • We will learn from interviews, data and insights if the pilot was well received and provide you recommendations for your next step.

How long does this take?

We can carry out our pilot process in 3 months.

Who will be carrying this out?

A dedicated team of high-calibre Humblebee staff including experts within business design, service and user experience design, and technical expertise.

What do we need from you?

We need you (Product Owner) to have the right mandate from your organisation; be engaged in our process; help us by providing domain expertise, data and any other information we need to create a pilot product. Doing this will ensure we can stay within our designated timeframe of 3 months.



Pilot as a service
3 Months
Data and insights report