Data Health Check

Do you have a Machine Learning-driven service or product in mind but don’t know if your data is ready to be used to put those ideas into action?

Data Health Check

What is this?

You have an ML-driven service or product in mind but don’t know if your data is ready to be used to put your ideas into action?

In a 1 week sprint (plus another week to curate our findings) we will examine your data and provide a comprehensive report about its quality and readiness. In addition, we will come up with a plan on how to improve your current dataset, acquire newer leverage publicly available data to set you on the path of success towards your goal.

Who is this for?

The package is perfect for any company that has an idea how to solve a business problem using AI, is currently acquiring data but has no clear understanding about what data is needed or weather the acquired data is good enough to be used for the targeted service or product.

What are the business benefits?

Having the right data is crucial to any ML-based project. Choosing this package, you:

  • Make sure that the data you already have is ready to be used. This helps to avoid unnecessary and costly loops in the process of implementing your ML-based solution.
  • Have a clear understanding of what is present and what is still missing in your data, which is important for time and resources planning.
  • Save time by focusing on acquiring data in the right way specifically tailored for your particular purpose.

What is the process?

In this 1-week sprint, we dive into understanding your business problems and discussing the ML-based solution you have in mind. We ask questions about the data and its acquisition process, as well as closely examine the data itself (within the limits of agreed access). We assess the current state of your data and develop a plan for its improvement, keeping in mind the targeted service. We will take 1 more calendar week to curate our findings.

Who will be carrying out this sprint?

Humblebee data science expert together with our service design team.

What do you receive at the end?

A comprehensive report about the current state of your data and a concrete plan for needed improvements or acquisition.



Data Health Check
2 weeks
75 000 SEK

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