UX Health Check

Companies that take the User Experience of digital services seriously out-perform those who do not. Take our UX Health Check.

UX Health Check

Why do you need this?

This User Experience (UX) health check is for SME’s who understand that the experience a person has using your website, app or digital tool is critical to your business success. Our health check summarises the performance of your service from a user perspective. We’ll summarise our findings in a report within 2 weeks.

What are some business benefits of user experience?

  • User experience makes a huge difference to whether a digital product, or project, succeeds and the benefits can be far reaching.
  • Benefits can include a lower cost of customer acquisition, lower support costs, increased customer retention and increased market share.
  • Minimise customer errors to prevent drop offs and customer frustrations which could lead to company bad will.
  • Minimise user errors to prevent mistakes that could inflict damage to your business.

What is the UX Health Check package?

It's a usability assessment of your product, application or website. This process uncovers the most common problems to be solved which can lead to business value.

What do you receive?

Our UX Health Check is delivered as a document with key findings and a summary.

How long does this take?

You’ll receive our recommendations in a report within 2 weeks.

Who will be carrying out this project?

Our Humblebee User Experience and service design team can boast a long experience across multiple industries and corporations of all shapes and sizes. This experience allows us to evaluate your user experience performance in a short amount of time with a high level of expertise.

What do we need from you?

We require a short start-up meeting of 1 hour; access to the tool we’ll be analysing; potentially access to any relevant data or analytics.



UX Health Check
2 weeks
UX Report
50 000 SEK

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