Rapid User Insights

How often do you listen to your customers? Listening regularly helps you improve your services before it's too late. Try our rapid insights service.

Rapid User Insights

Who is this for?

Our rapid research service can provide insights for everyone from start-ups to large enterprises. If you’d like to quickly find out consumer opinions on a topic, let us deliver findings to you that you can present internally.

What is this?

This is a rapid user research service by Humblebee. Within 2 weeks we’ll interview 5 users or consumers of your digital service. This could be for focused feedback around a part of your business, for example a new function or service. Or it could be you need a little wider feedback.

Why do you need this?

Data and analytics can only tell you the "what". But research and talking to people allows you to dig deep and understand the "why" behind their behaviour. Nothing reveals insights like talking to your customers and it’s incredible how many businesses don't make this a regular priority.

What are some business benefits?

  • Using a third party like Humblebee here brings honest, raw feedback.
  • Insights gained through the user research process can improve existing services.
  • Insights gained can lead to new service improvement ideas.
  • Decreased customer complaint levels and much more...

What do you receive?

You will receive a finished package with transcripts, recorded interviews and a summary of findings.

How long does this take?

This process will take 2 calendar weeks.

Who will be carrying out this project?

Carrying out this project will be members of Humblebee’s user experience research team, who have vast experience of best-practice user research.

What do we need from you?

We require that you book in the 5 users or consumers. Simply book 1 hour of their time, and we’ll take care of the rest. To help book users, you can consider incentivising in some way to show you appreciate their time. :)



Rapid User Insights
2 Weeks
Analysis Report
60.000 SEK

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