Design System Lite

Design systems simplify daily routines, cut costs and allow designers and developers to work faster.

Design System Lite

Who is this for?

The Design System Lite is perfect for SME’s or even larger enterprises who have yet to synchronise their design and digital development processes but understand the business benefits they bring.

What is this?

Your bottom line business results can be dramatically improved by a strong design system. Our Design System Lite is a perfect way to start to unify your design processes. Companies that use any form of design system as part of their daily routine save time, reduce costs and have smoother processes between design and development. Instead of remaking similar components (buttons etc) you make them once and have them readily available for developers and designers in the library.

What are some business benefits of a design system?

  • Project speed and efficiency.
  • Coherent design and scalable features.
  • Team impact is improved as collaboration between designers, developers and other stakeholders are unified and streamlined.
  • Break the cycle of ad-hoc design processes.
  • Increased speed and time to market.
  • Prototype designs faster.
  • Reduce reliance on external suppliers.

What is our Design System Lite package?

Our Design System Lite package aims to start your journey on the road to a unified design system & design process. Within the scope of this lite package we will analyse your component needs, your current design & technical environment. After this inventory we will map out a roadmap for a “full” design system, and set up your design system “lite” to get you started.

Note: We can also supply a full Design System journey. The full design system is a longer project with more complex components than this Lite package.

What do you receive?

A roadmap for a full design system process, and the skeleton of a design system with some key components. This will be delivered in the design tool Figma.

How long does this take?

This process will take 2 calendar weeks.

Who will be carrying out this project?

Our Humblebee interface design team boasts a wealth of experience across multiple industries and corporations of all shapes and sizes. This experience allows us to quickly evaluate your design processes and get started with a design-system lite.

What do we need from you?

We require a start-up meeting of around 1-2 hours with the appropriate stakeholders from your company. This means management-level staff who have any stake in the design and build of your digital tools. We also appreciate it if you can send in advance of our meeting any brand or design guidelines.



Design System Lite
2 Weeks
Roadmap + key design components
70 000 SEK

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